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Ambi Side Charge .308 AR-10

Although DLP Arms was officially born in 2012, the idea & the planning to design a better AR15 upper has been in the works for several years. Our Team's background in the US Military & Private Military Contracting gives us a base understanding of what is needed in the field.


Our uppers will take both direct impingement or gas piston. Our walls are 3 times thicker than a standard upper. We do this, so when you shoot a .50 Beowulf out of it, you feel more confident with an upper that is designed to withstand a caliber of that magnitude.

DLP Arms


Our AR15 Uppers in 5.56

Available now in Black only:
All of our custom BCGs now come coated in Hard Nickel.


What You Have Been Waiting For! Our AR-10 Uppers Are Here

Our New Ambidextrous Side Charge AR-10 Uppers are now available. All of our custom BCGs now come coated in Hard Nickel. 


AR-9 /AR-45 Left Side Charge Uppers

Our 9mm & 45cal uppers are available in Left Side Charge only.
They now come in Black only.

Our Mission


Our mission is to honor GOD

and what he has done for us. We do this by  applying the skill sets he has given us. To build the best products possible, and to take care of our customers.  



We are strong supporters of our Law Enforcement & our Military.
We  strongly support the bond between the United States & Israel. We give a discount to all active & prior Law Enforcement & Military. 


Lifetime Guarantee

We manufacture all of our uppers and BCGs here in the USA and they come  with our Full Lifetime Guarantee, if your product doesn’t perform as  promised, we will repair or replace it for free, whether you are the original owner or not.

Please keep my son Justin in your prayers.

He fell down a 100' mine shaft Nov 3, 2018 & broke is back, leg, & has severe spinal cord damage. Thank you.



Bill Murphy (FTA/SFI) talks about his DLP Arms Ambi Side Charge Upper.


Ambidextrous side charge upper DLP Arms Training Day.


Side Charge Upper from DLParms.

Customer Feedback

SGT Martinez, United States Army National Guard (Calif.)

  •  As  a SGT in the US Army National Guard I have used the standard AR15 &  M4 rifles for many years and I know their issues. One of the main  issues is the rear charge handle. I was thrilled to see the Ambidextrous  Side Charge uppers made by DLP arms. Most of us have used the AK47, the  MP5, & the Scar just to mention a few, and the one thing they have  in common is they are all side charge weapons. Now thanks to DLP arms  the AR15/M4 can be converted into not only a side charge weapon, but an  ambidextrous side charge weapon. Their uppers are reinforced and  designed to fire anything from a .17HMR to a .50 Beowulf. I personally  have three of my rifles that I built using the DLP arms uppers and  I love them. If you have an old school AR15 or M4 do yourself a favor  and upgrade to one of these uppers, you will never go back. Yes they are  a little more money but its like comparing a V.W. to a MB. I give these  uppers an A++. I want to thank David and all the people at DLP arms for  making such a great product & being so helpful.
    Thanks again.
    SGT Martinez, United States Army National Guard (California). 

Bruce L, Orange, CA.

  •  I have been looking for a special AR15  upper for the longest time. I think any serious battle rifle should have  a left side charging handle. I have three of my custom builds using the  DLP Arms ambidextrous side charge uppers and I absolutely love them.  These uppers work awesome, a huge improvement over the standard upper.  If you want a serious upgrade from the same old ordinary upper, this is  it. I think it's the best upper on the market by far and most definitely  worth the few extra bucks and then some. Plus these uppers really stand  out. Everyone at the range will want to try them. My thanks to DLP Arms, these uppers are the best AR15 uppers I have ever bought.
    Bruce L. 

Kevin P, Los Alamitos, CA.

  •  When  at the range earlier this year, I was lucky to have the opportunity to  try my friend's M4 that he built using the upper receiver  he bought  from DLParms.com. I had been doing a lot of research and looking for a  high quality custom upper for my new build. After trying the DLParms  upper my search was over. I'm left handed, and their ambidextrous side  charge upper was just what I was looking for. This upper is so easy to  use for  left or right handed shooters. I have now built three M4s using  the DLParms ambi side charge uppers and I love them. When my wife and I  go to the range for a day of family fun, she tells me it is so easy to  charge compared to a standard AR upper. In my opinion, this is how the  AR15 should have been designed in the first place. I have been very  happy with the quality of DLParms uppers and the staff at DLParms.com  has been super helpful. This upper might cost a $100 more than a regular  upper, but like the old saying goes "You get what you pay for".
    Kevin P. 

Chip S, Alabama

I just wanted to get back with y'all & say thanks, this .45 cal upper is awesome! I love it, it's thick & robust, this was my first pcc build. A few days after I got it finished I won a 9mm upper auction on GB, I proceeded to build it, of course it's a normal upper & I've got it running smooth now, but holy cow every time I look at it I regret it not being a DLP arms upper!!! I think I'm going to give it to my son for graduation so I can build another one with a DLP arms upper!!

Great quality product!

Good job guys!

Chip S, Alabama


DDC Firearms - For The Best Gunsmithing


John Williams (Owner) : Distant Design & Consulting was formed to be an umbrella for  design and consulting efforts as well as custom gunsmithing and the DDC Firearms brand. Working with various manufacturers in the industry on R&D projects for optics, firearms and complete weapon systems is the passion that drives us.

Whether it is fixing your old shotgun, customizing an existing firearm, building of a complete weapon or designing your wildest idea DDC is your one stop shop. Specializing in 1911 pistols, AR15/AR10 weapons platforms, long distance bolt action rifles, and custom wood work. No job to small, no idea too outlandish, we make your dreams come to life. 

Cerakote - OC Custom Coating



Welcome to OC Custom Coating!

We specialize in high-end, extremely durable ceramic finishes that can be applied to just about anything! 

OC Custom Coating has been coating our uppers here at DLParms from the very beginning. We recommend them to all of our customers for all of there coating needs.


Ambi Side Charge -15 Coated


($20.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Ambi Side Charge Upper Receiver -15 with custom HD BCG (5.56) & 2 charging handles, Coated in Black only. DPMS Platform. All of our Ar15 & AR10 BCGs come with Hard Nickel coating. Our Gen 3 uppers don't use the left side cut out for a standard bolt release, instead we sell our ambi bolt catch/release, for only $50 if ordered with your new upper, $75 if ordered separately? This was done as a safety measure to keep customers from getting hit with the charging handle when pushing a standard bolt release.

Shipping cost within the continental US


Left Side Charge upper 9mm or 45cal Coated


($20.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Left Side Charge upper Receiver with custom 9mm or 45cal BCG, 1 charging handle, in Black only. You can order the BCG in Hard Nickel coated for an additional $100.  DPMS Platform.
Price  $550

Shipping cost within the continental US 


Replacement Charging Handles For Our Uppers


($5.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

A set (2) of our custom charging handles with 2 stainless steal screws black anodized.


Shipping cost within the continental US 


Ambi Bolt Catch


($5.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

*UPDATE*  Our Gen 3 uppers don't use the cut out for a  standard bolt catch. The reason we did this is for safety. When you  have the bolt locked to the rear and you push the bolt release button  sometimes the left side charging handle slides forward at a fast pace  and some people have been hit with it on the hand. So on our gen 3  uppers with removed the cut out and we designed a right side bolt  catch/release that is controlled by your right hand trigger finger. So  now your trigger finger operates your trigger, mag release and now your  bolt catch and release. We made them available for $10 0ver the cost of manufacturing them. Our customers love them. If ordered with your new upper the price is on $50, $75 if ordered separately. 

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